AB300 Three-Axes AC Magnetic Field Sensor

The AB300 is a low noise, high sensitivity three- axes AC magnetic field sensor available for the measurement of sub radio frequency fields. Because of its innovative design, the AB300 amplitude response is insensitive to the frequency of the field over its 200 Hz to 50 kHz frequency band. Accuracy at 1 kHz is 0.1 dB, and the amplitude response stays within 2 dB peak-to-peak from 300 Hz to 30 kHz.


  • Wide Bandwidth: 200 Hz to 50kHz
  • Very Low Noise: 130fT/√Hz @ 10 kHz
  • High Accuracy: 0.1 dB @ 1 kHz, 2dB p-p over 300 Hz to 30 kHz.
  • Response Insensitive to Signal Frequency over its Bandwidth.
  • Low Power: 250 milliwatts nominal.


Download the Data Sheet for a complete description of the MGCH-2.

Price: US $2250